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The Muse & The Mind ...inside story of my Shotgun Song ~

Posted on May 14, 2019 with 0 comments

My latest studio recording is complete.  If you’ve been following me, the song is called “Shotgun”.  I want to tell you why I chose this song to be the first professional studio recording since my husband passed two years ago.  My new life without him has been mentally and emotionally draining and difficult  BUT by the grace of god I’m growing &  healing...those of you who ever lost a spouse/soulmate can relate.  I’ve written many songs during the last two years and as expected most of them, sad and full of my hurting energy.  I do plan to record a couple of the ‘sad songs’, especially the very first song I wrote when Larry left called “Waiting Here”…

Shotgun however, is very positive and upbeat.


When I’m composing a tune, it’s not a pretty process if you will.  I’m usually inspired  at an inopportune moment and I end up scribbling words down on slivers of paper and running frantically to my iPhone to make a quick recording of the melody...which for me usually comes along with the words.  I have tons of video snippets; (I use the video recorder to record these ideas). The video is hopelessly ridiculous, pointed at the ceiling or just a black screen.  One day I was scrolling through these iPhone video snippets looking for a tune I started in 2016 called “Touch”...I couldn’t find it but I found another recording that totally caught my attention....immediately you hear my husband’s voice complimenting the melody of the song I’m singing and at the end he gives it a total thumbs up approval!  That was my divine guidance...from my hubby, to record my next tune. I used the main, catchy ad-lib as a recurring theme and changed some things here and there.  I wanted my first recording to be positive, upbeat and moving.  So I wrote about one of my fav things, driving for therapy!  I love going for day trips, especially in a nice ride!  Shotgun is about enjoying the ride and feeling quite good…. but… maybe I could use a little company? ...missing that passenger; that someone to enjoy the open road with.  Lar and I were best friends and took many long drives together; blasting the radio, having a ball!   I miss that but I  know it can’t be him sitting there anymore...  So there’s the history of “Shotgun”...shotgun rider.  Listening options & video coming soon!  

Hopeful of Love,